The Curve

One night, Radi, who leads a reclusive life in his own van, hears a shrilling scream in the distance. Despite his fears of others, he challenges himself by switching on the lights of his home. With the seemingly trivial switching on of a light, he finds himself on a road trip that alters his clockwork and very private lifestyle. Starting with the sheltering of the screaming woman, Laila, a recently divorced Palestinian/Syrian travelling back to Damascus, the adventure continues and eventually introduces two others into Radi’s mobile home; a Lebanese artist and a Jordanian policeman. All characters encompass variance degrees of experience, pain, fear and a hopeful outlook on change. Within this journey, they come to realise they share much more than they would have ever thought likely. On the road, challenging and self-reflective events provoke the individuals in enlightening self-revolutionary ways where the thin line between reality and illusion fades away.

Director:  Rifqi Assaf

Length: 81 mins

Genre: Drama

Language:  Arabic with English subtitles



The Curve Trailer
Mon, 10/24/2016 - 20:58