Nun Wa Zaytoun

Nun Wa Zaytoun takes us on a lyrical road trip through the hills, valleys and villages of Palestine, following Murad, a cinema-lover whose mission is to bring Palestinian cinema to outlying West Bank communities. From the many Palestinian residents encountered along the way, we learn that their attachment to their land, homes, families and to their fast-disappearing way of life remains as strong as the zaytoun (olive tree) roots and branches, against all odds and despite all they have endured for generations. The film is beautifully presented with an original soundtrack composed by Palestinian composer, Saíd Murad. 

Director: Emtiaz Diab

Length: 50 mins

Genre: Documentary

Language:  Arabic with English subtitles



Nun Wa Zaytoun trailer
Mon, 10/24/2016 - 22:00