The Wanted 18

A documentary animation, The Wanted 18 tells the true story of a Palestinian committee in the town of Beit Sahour (near Bethlehem) that purchased a herd of cows from a friendly kibbutz owner and used them in a bid to self-sustainably produce milk and thus undermine Israeli control and occupation. Seamlessly combining the comic and the tragically absurd, The Wanted 18 maps the story of non-violent resistance during the first intifada and how 18 cows came to be declared “dangerous for the security of the state of Israel”.

Length: 75 mins

Director: Amer Shomali and Paul Cowan

Genre: Documentary / Animation Feature

Language: Arabic and English with subtitles

Screening: Adelaide



The Wanted 18 Trailer
Tue, 10/18/2016 - 21:20